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#44 <previous/ next> Artletter index January 1, 1997

Houston Artletter wants your reviews!

Here's how: Write 10-150 opinionated, informative words about art in
Houston which is currently on public view. Tell readers what you think and
why. Deadlines: 14th and last day of every month. Address letters (with
phone #) to: Bill Davenport, Artletter, 801 Tulane St., Houston, TX 77007

Artletter Anthology 1996 is ready !

Catch up on reviews you missed or archive for posterity, only $4 !

1996 Reviews: #20, Stephen Mueller, Mary McClary, Green Mountain
Foundry; 21 Annette Lawrence, Nayland Blake, Delfina Vannucci; 22 Todd
Ramsell, Michael Kennaugh, Hines and His Circle; 23 Skin Speak, Texas
Modern and Postmodern, Houston Area show; 24 Art Guys, Michael
Shaughnessey, Core Photographs; 25 Brilliant!, Jack Livingston, Amy
Blakemore, Jasper Johns, Heidi Kumao; 26 Debbie Riddle, Snapshots; 27
Mary Hawkins, Randy Galaska, Texas Art Celebration, Core Fellows; 28
Olmec art, Annette Wilzig, Marcus Adams; 29 Richard Long, Kirk McCarthy,
Jackie Tileston, Linda Ott; 30 Sculpture on the green, Jim Rizkalla, Sharon
Engelstein; 31 Richard Misrach, Terry Allen, Matisse; 32 Frank Freed, Big
Show; 33 Paul Kittelson, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Troy Woods; 34 Mario Perez,
Shazia Sikander, Harvey Bott, Janet Smartt; 35 Summer Public Art; 36
Seep, Perry House, Donna Kleszcz, J. Hill; 37 Gael Stack, Joe Mancuso, Otis
Jones; 38 Erick Swenson, Incredible Shrinking art, Fred Tomaselli, Rene
Yung; 39 Magnificent Pretty Boy, Lee Littlefield, Kim O'Grady, Esquivel; 40
Susie Rosmarin, Sharon Kopriva, J.P. Morgan Library; 41 Masterpieces of
Asian Art, Earlie Hudnall, Annabel Livermore, Reconstructedness; 42 Mark
Allen, Brian Portman, Jesse Amado; 43 Kyle Young, Hunt Slonem, Mark
Lombardi, Show 'n' Tell. + outraged letters, misstatements of facts (with a
public retraction!) and an assortment of amusing typo's.

Artletter's New Year's Resolutions

1. Artletter will stop picking on small fry! In 1997, if your show doesn't
get reviewed, it could be that it was too unimportant to bother trashing.
Sniping at well-established art will continue as before.

2. 100% outside contributions- so start writing!

3. Laserprinted type; smaller type= more words= more reviews

(laserprinter and Macintosh computer donations gladly accepted)

4. Fax subscriptions. (If anyone has an old fax machine . . . )

Artletter is available the 1st and 15th of every month at Brazos Bookstore,
Lawndale, Glassell School, Inman Gallery, Menil Store, CAM Store, Brazil Cafe,
Diverseworks and the MFA bookstore. Mail subscriptions $15/year. 

Address letters to: Bill Davenport, 801 Tulane St., Houston TX 77007